mqdefault (1)NAB 2015: New Pro Camera Accessories for SMB-2, Varicam, FS7 and C300 Mk II

The ARRI line of Pro Camera Accessories now include the new Triple Filter Frame and the SMB-1 Adapter for SMB-2 Filter Stages, designed especially for its range of studio matte boxes. At NAB ARRI also showcased new accessories for the Panasonic Varicam, Sony FS7 and Canon C300 Mark II.


t_c300-mkII-newsNew PCA for Canon C300 / C300 Mk II / C500

Designed specifically for Canon’s latest Cinema EOS cameras, ARRI PCA introduces a new cine plate for film set environments, an adjustable broadcast plate for documentary-style filming and a handy top-mounted support plate.


I cannot praise the SMB-1 highly enough; it’s a wonderful advancement in cinematography and I’m looking forward to buying two SMB-2s as soon as they land in the U.S.

Neal Norton, cinematographer