Electronic Control System expands

ARRI’s Electronic Control System is a sophisticated toolset for precise wireless remote control of any camera and any lens; it also provides valuable metadata about exactly what the lens is doing at any given moment. All tools within the modular, future-proof system can be freely combined to provide powerful, scalable solutions for any application. Ergonomic, feature-rich hand units ease the work of the focus puller, while compact, intelligent motor controllers optimize camera setups.

Several new tools are being introduced for 2015. A result of both ARRI’s own technological developments and of its ongoing collaboration with cmotion, they further reinforce the Electronic Control System as the most complete professional system on the market, ready for any challenge on set.

cforce mini lens motor
cmotion and ARRI have partnered up to develop the new intelligent cforce mini motor. This small and lightweight motor adjusts lens settings on weight-optimized camera configurations with remarkable speed and torque. Equipped with twin LBUS connectors and using daisy chain technology, up to three cforce mini motors can be linked in a row.

The cforce mini connects directly to the new ALEXA Mini camera, providing a super-lightweight, integrated solution, as well as to ARRI’s new AMC-1 motor controller for camera-independent setups. It is also fully compatible with all cmotion LBUS-compatible devices such as the compact LCS and the cvolution system, the new pan-bar zoom, the knob solo and ENG adapters.

Accessories for cforce mini
ARRI and cmotion offer a wide range of cables for devices that use the LBUS communication protocol, such as the cforce mini and other cforce lens motors, the ALEXA Mini and the AMC-1. These LBUS-only cables allow LBUS-compatible devices to be connected to each other, providing control signals and power. There are eight LBUS to LBUS cables, ranging in length from 0.2 m/8″ to 15 m/49′. In addition, there are LBUS to D-Tap, XLR and RS cables that can be used to power an LBUS system from an external power source, for example when using a cforce motor with accessories like cmotion’s new pan-bar zoom.

A number of lenses, including Panavision and B4 mount ENG-type lenses, do not have the same tooth dimensions on their focus, iris and zoom rings as ARRI cine lenses. Tooth dimensions are defined by different manufacturers according to either the DIN Module System (e.g. module 0.4) or the diametral pitch (e.g. 64 pitch). ARRI will offer a complete set of optional gear modules for the cforce mini motor, making it fully compatible with all common, industry-standard lenses.

Active Motor Controller AMC-1
The new ARRI Active Motor Controller AMC-1 is a compact motor controller with an LBUS interface that can connect with up to three daisy-chained cforce motors. It is designed for weight and size-critical setups such as Steadicam or camera drones.

WCU-4 Plate
The ARRI Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 features M4 mounting points on its top and bottom, and the new WCU-4 Plate can attach to either, providing various additional 1/4-20″ and 3/8-16″ mounting points itself. When mounted on the bottom, the WCU-4 Plate serves as a table stand or can be used to accept a 3/8-16″ spigot for mounting on a C-stand. When mounted on top, it can be used to adapt the WCU-4 to an on-board monitoring system. Weighing only 67 g, the WCU-4 Plate is made of durable, aircraft-grade aluminum.

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