Professional filmmaking for medical productions

Rely on the premium image quality and all-inclusive service of one of the world’s most successful film companies when it comes to documenting and screening your medical procedures.

ARRI Surgical Imaging allows you to document everything you do – to perfection. This unparalleled service is based on camera technology that has been used by multiple Oscar®-winning movies, as well as on ARRI’s passion for visual excellence, born of nearly 100 years’ experience in the film industry


Training and corporate videos as multimedia calling-cards

Our discipline, precision and experience allow us to capture your expertise in images with the utmost professionalism. By utilizing high-end technology at the hub of the action, ARRI specialists record every microscopic detail with the same attention they give to the surroundings.

Live OR and conference solutions

ARRI Surgical Imaging will take care of all visual requirements at conferences, meetings or conventions with image quality that looks extraordinary on even the biggest screen. Our team is responsible for the planning, coordination and technical realization of your event


Premium technology for outstanding images

At the heart of our work lies ALEXA. This camera system, developed by ARRI, is considered all over the world to be the gold standard in motion picture imaging. In order to record microscopic images during operations, an ALEXA camera can be mounted to the documentation port of a surgical microscope with the help of a customized adapter.

Unsurpassed image quality

The superior image quality of ALEXA is clearly visible when recorded footage is compared directly with standard systems.


Postproduction – our complete service package for image and sound editing

Your digital images will be edited, re-composed and color-corrected in a manner that perfectly meets your application requirements. You may be present during the entire postproduction process if you so wish, allowing maximum control and transparency.

Webgate: the cloud service

The ARRI Webgate provides a high-performance platform for streaming, distributing and managing your medical videos. Designed to meet the stringent demands of the film industry, it delivers images in full HD resolution, optimized for every kind of terminal and available anytime, anywhere.


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