ARRI Introduces Lightweight Matte Box

  • For 6.6”x 6.6” filter size
  • One product covering a wide range of applications
  • Offers quick and easy set-up without tools
  • Lightweight and streamlined

The new Lightweight Matte Box LMB 6×6 is a robust and adaptable addition to ARRI’s LMB range. It allows for the same level of flexibility and creative possibilities as the LMB 4×5, which has proved very popular with camera operators and crews since it was launched just over a year ago.

“The LMB 6×6 will make short work of on-set challenges,” says Philip Vischer, ARRI’s Product Manager for PCA Mechanical Accessories. “It’s streamlined and light, and altering the various applications doesn’t require any supplementary tools—that will make set-ups really quick and easy.”

The matte box is extremely versatile. For example, it works well with gimbals, drones, or Steadicam rigs when used in a single-filter configuration. It can be simply clamped to a lens, or it can be used with rod-mounts, either 15mm or 19mm studio rods, or—in conjunction with an adaptor—15mm lightweight rods.

It includes additional rotatable and non-rotatable filter stages in two different versions which can accommodate up to three 6.6 inch filters at any one time. Each filter tray has its own dedicated tray catcher.

The LMB 6×6 can be tilted 10 degrees up or down, with an optional swing-away tilt module, to avoid unwanted reflections. This module also allows for fast and easy lens changes without the need to dismantle the matte box.

The set includes flags that fold flat for easier and more convenient storage.

The LMB 6×6 is available as a complete set, or as individual elements—as a clamp-on set, for instance. In line with ARRI’s usual attention to detail, it also comes with foam packaging which can be transferred directly to a travel case.

Click here for details and orders: ARRI Lightweight Mattebox LMB 6X6