Upgrades and Accessories

This is a selection of the most important upgrades and accessories. For spare parts, extended warranties and service certificates please contact your local ARRI service center

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Lens Mounts >>

PL LDS Lens Mount – K2.00011071

AMIRA PL LDS lens mount for PL mount lenses. Includes 12pin Hirose connector for ENG style lenses. For more details, click here.

B4 Lens Mount – K2.00012372

AMIRA B4 lens mount with optical, mechanical and electronic interfaces for B4 mount lenses. For more details, click here.

EF lens mount – K2.00011033

AMIRA EF lens mount with interface for iris control. For more details, click here.

PL to B4 Lens Adapter – K2.00012384

A mechanical and optical adapter that allows the use of B4 mount lenses on cameras with a PL mount. For more details, click here.

CFast 2.0 Media Adapters, Media and Docks >>

AMIRA USB Stick – K2.00012435

An additional USB stick (each AMIRA camera includes one). For more details, click here.

Electronic Viewfinder and Accessories >>

AMIRA Viewfinder MVF-1 – K2.75004.06

The viewfinder is included in the AMIRA K0 camera packages and does not need to be ordered separately when ordering a K0 camera package.For more details, click here.

AMIRA Viewfinder Adapter VFA-2 – K2.00012227

An adapter with an ARRI viewfinder dovetail on one side and one 3/8″ and one 1/4″ mounting point on the other side. For more details, click here.

Viewfinder Attachment Bracket VAB-1 – K2.00012978

An attachment that allows the AMIRA viewfinder to be mounted to two 15 mm lightweight rods above the lens. For more details, click here.

Electronic Accessories >>

Single Axis Unit SXU-1 – K2.00000719

Single-axis wireless hand unit for iris, focus or zoom control. Works with ALEXA Plus and Studio cameras and UMC-4, SMC-1 and EMC-1 motor controllers. For more details, click here.

Mechanical Accessories >>

10Suggested Kits for AMIRA

ARRI Pro Camera Accessories complement the Documentary-style camera, offering a wide range of solutions for applications such as handheld broadcast, camera stabilizers or heavyweight studio filming. For more details, click here.

Wedge Plate Adapter WPA-1 – K2.75000.011

ENG style camera base mount with highly ergonomic shoulder pad and wedge plate adapter.For more details, click here.

Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-3 – K2.75006.012

A camera base mount compatible to accessories like BP-8/BP-9 for 19/15mm rods etc.For more details, click here.

Universal Adapter Plate UAP-2 – K2.000122113

Universal Adapter Plate UAP-2 with 15mm rod mounting receptacles. Attachable to the dove tail on top and bottom of AMIRA.For more details, click here.

Quick Release Plate, QRP-1 – K2.000039914

Compatible with AMIRA, counterplate for the WPA-1, to be mounted on the tripod head.For more details, click here.

Shoulder Belt Adapters, SBA-1 – K2.000122315

Shoulder belt offers the compatible with standard ENG shoulder belts.For more details, click here.

Microphone Holder Bracket MHB-2 – K2.75005.016

Bracket to attach a on-camera microphone to the camera handle. Includes 3/8′ and 1/4′ knurled fasteners. For more details, click here.

AMIRA Camera Case – K2.000123917

AMIRA camera case (Peli 1510 carry on case, cabin size, foam fitted for AMIRA & MVF, ARRI AMIRA branded). For more details, click here.

Accessories Case – K2.000124118

ARRI branded Peli 1510 Carry On case for accessories, cabin size with flexible dividers. For more details, click here.

AMIRA Camera Bag – K2.000124019

ARRI AMIRA branded soft carry bag. For AMIRA camera with MVF-1, camera adapter and zoom lens. For more details, click here.

AMIRA Raincover – K2.000402520

Proven camRade raincover to protect AMIRA against heavy rain and more.

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