In-camera ARRIRAW

The ALEXA XR Module (XR = Xtended Recording), which is built into all ALEXA XT cameras, is also available as an affordable upgrade for all ALEXA Classic cameras. The ALEXA XR Module is a new side panel with exciting in-camera recording options, replacing the current SxS Module. It allows ALEXA Classic camera owners to embrace the latest advances in recording technologies without having to purchase a new camera, exemplifying the concept of modular upgradeability that was built into the ALEXA design from the very beginning.


Alongside the highest overall image quality, unsurpassed reliability and user-friendly ergonomics, ALEXA cameras offer a long product cycle through many upgrade options, providing a sustainable business model to customers and protecting their investment.

  • Upgrade for ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M and ALEXA Studio
    • replaces SxS Module and one processing board
    • upgrades through ARRI service centers
  • In-camera ARRIRAW
    • highest ALEXA image quality, uncompressed and unencrypted
    • up to 120 fps in full image quality
    • stores ASC Color Decision List (CDL) in metadata
    • ARRIRAW checksum for safer and faster downloading
  • Powerful and unique ProRes & DNxHD options
    • ProRes 4444 XQ: high data rate (500 Mbit/s) = high quality images
    • ProRes 3.2K: ideal for 4K UHD up-sample
    • High speed ProRes or DNxHD onto XR Capture Drives or CFast 2.0 cards
  • XR Capture Drive
    • rugged and reliable custom SSDs
    • XR = golden ring
    • high data rate of 6.7 Gigabits/s
    • high capacity of 512 GB
    • format either for ARRIRAW or ProRes/DNxHD
  • Proven, efficient and versatile Codex workflows
    • Capture Drive Dock (USB-3 or Thunderbolt): affordable option for copying to a MacBook Pro
    • Capture Drive Dock (SAS): high speed copying, archiving, reporting or dailies
    • Vault 2: all-in-one solution for copying, archiving, reporting or dailies with the greatest ease and highest speed
  • Integrated CDL capture
    • stores ASC Color Decision List (CDL) in ARRIRAW metadata
  • Exchangeable top covers for camera ID

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