ALEXA Frameline Composer

The ALEXA Frameline Composer has been updated to version 3 (AFLC-3). It enables creating custom markings based on your specific requirements for the sensor modes 16:9, 4:3 and 4:3 cropped as well as Open Gate. Also you can build three framelines in one file, and we screen the dimensions of your framelines in a seperate window in your browser. Interesting too: share a frameline very easily as an URL with your friends.

The AFLC-3 also offers a number of predefined framelines for your convenience for all recording formats. Please note that many of them already are available in every ALEXA. Please see the list of new features below.

To upload a frameline to the camera:

ALEXA framelines are stored as XML files. A user-generated XML file needs to be downloaded and put onto a FAT formatted SD card (maximum capacity of 4GB) inside the standard ALEXA SD card folder structure ( //ARRI/ALEXA/Framelines ). The card then is inserted into the camera’s card slot and uploaded by pressing
MENU > MONITORING > FRAMELINES > FRAMELINE 1 (or 2) > ADD. You may optionally save the frameline as a .PNG image for archival purposes or to generate a frame leader in HD resolution.

For questions or help please e-mail and an ARRI representative will address your concern.

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ALEXA Frameline Composer

ALEXA Software Update 11.0

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