ALEXA Fiber Remote Option

ARRI ALEXA – the most complete multi-purpose camera system: ALEXA’s superior image and product quality, transformed to the needs of broadcast style multi-camera productions with live editing and live painting.

The ALEXA Fiber Remote Option is bringing the pristine and unrivaled image quality of the ALEXA camera into a multi-camera environment typical of broadcast studio or OB van productions. With the Fiber Remote Option attached, the ALEXA is connected through a SMPTE 311M fiber connection and can be remote controlled for live painting operation. Besides the Fiber Remote Box mounted on top of the ALEXA body, a CopperHead system* from Telecast Fiber Systems is required, together with a viewfinder monitor*, for typical pedestal use.

*not part of the ARRI Fiber Remote product, separate item to purchase


Increased production value with superior cinematic look
With the ALEXA Fiber Remote Option, high quality images are made available to various different kinds of multi-camera television productions, such as:

  • Telenovelas, soaps, sitcoms
  • Events, music concerts/shows
  • TV shows, talk shows, magazines
  • Sports specials: football, ski race, ice hockey and more…
  • Shallow, film-like depth of field
  • Excellent film-like color rendering
  • Natural skin tones
  • Very high dynamic range and contrast: 14+ stops
  • Pristine level of detail in lights and in shadows
  • Progressive and interlaced mode, up to 60 frames (1920 x 1080)
  • High sensitivity: > 2 stops more compared to typical 2/3″ camera systems
  • Very low noise level
  • Full remote control: interconnect camera with switcher and remote control panel by SMPTE 311M connection
  • TV conform signal parameter adjustments with standard (Telecast) remote control panel (RCP)
  • Return video signal
  • Teleprompter signal
  • Intercom connection
  • Sync option to lock to the phasing of the studio clock (Genlock like HD-SDI sync)
  • Lens remote control on tripod/pedestal for zoom and focus
  • Option to use 2/3″ B4 mount lenses (with ARRI PL to B4 Lens Adapter, instead of PL 35 mm lenses)
  • Parallel operation of fiber remote transmission and SxS recording
  • Easy switch between standard ALEXA mode and Fiber Remote mode

With the connected Telecast Remote Control Panel CHRCP-2050A* the ALEXA internal signal processing parameters can be modified live during operation or recording:

  • Lens iris – direct control of the lens iris with the RCP joystick
  • White Balance – camera white balance settings and auto white balance
  • Master Pedestal – blacklevel control with the RCP joystick
  • RGB Pedestal – pedestal for R, G and B separately
  • Master Gamma and RGB gamma – master gamma or R, G and B gamma channels separately
  • Gain: master gain can be increased (higher sensitivity) or decreased (reduced sensitivity): -6dB to +9dB
  • RGB Gain – gain for R, G and B channels separately
  • Detail – image detail can be increased or decreased
  • Shutter adjustment – electronic shutter can be modified to reduce light or to achieve specific effects on fast-moving image content
  • Knee “Enhanced Highlight Modification” – the gamma curve can be flattened in the highlight parts, from broadcast gamma to ALEXA REC 709 gamma or even flatter
  • Black Gamma (black stretch vs. black press) – the gamma curve in the shadow parts can modified in both directions
  • ARRI ALEXA Fiber Remote Option: 
    Includes Fiber Remote Box and software license. The box is mounted on top of the camera, it provides the interfaces to the camera, the Telecast CopperHead, the viewfinder monitor and to ENG lenses
  • Telecast CopperHead**:
    – Camera Unit including PowerPlus mounted at the V-mount of the ALEXA
    – 1RU CopperHead Base station is representing the camera control unit
  • Telecast Power Adapter for PowerPlus**:
    The Power Adapter is powering the CopperHead system
  • Telecast Universal Camera Remote Control Panel**:
    The RCP is the tool to modify all camera parameters remotely
  • Viewfinder monitor (for pedestal use)**:
    A monitor at the camera back is required when using the camera in a pedestal-style operation

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