Fully Digital 3D Surgical Microscope

ARRISCOPE is the world’s first high-definition, fully digital surgical microscope for stereoscopic viewing. For the first time, the ARRISCOPE enables surgical assistants, students and staff to see and record precisely the same view, with the same quality, as the surgeon.

Full HD with high dynamic range
Identical 3D images in multiple streams
Highly efficient LED illumination
Up to 60 sec. pre-recording
Unique, comfortable ergonomics


Stunning 3D for a New Immersive Experience

3D visualization of the surgical field-of-view, through secondary viewing systems in the operating room, provides an immersive experience for the surgeon and other observers.
The ARRISCOPE offers real 3D in multiple streams for all applications, providing exactly the same image quality – without any losses – for operating rooms, educational needs or for screening at conferences. 3D technical advances are helping surgeons to capture, store and display real-time surgery, and stream it back to audiences for training purposes or at medical meetings in high-end 3D cinema quality.

Unsurpassed Image Quality of a Cinema Standard

As a global leader in motion picture technology, with nearly 100 years of innovative product development experience, ARRI is uniquely qualified to play a leading role in digital image acquisition.
Used for many Oscar®-winning movies, the ARRI ALEXA digital camera system is the core engine of the ARRISCOPE, delivering high-contrast, sharp and brilliant high-definition images. With its unsurpassed contrast ratio and color reproduction, the quality of viewing for surgeons, assistants and staff increases tremendously. Thanks to the ability to select special color representations, there is high potential to improve detail recognition


Highly Efficient LED Illumination

The novel LED illumination system of the ARRISCOPE delivers very bright and highly uniform illumination, optimized for representation on a video monitor. The cold light, without any UV or IR components, protects the patient by avoiding heat impairment.

By using an in-lens light system the ARRISCOPE eliminates the need for bulky fiber optic cables, negating light loss and cable wear while producing the same amount of light as fiber optic systems with just 1/5 of the power. Two independent subsystems add redundancy, so that in the unlikely event of an individual LED failure, there will still be sufficient light.

Ergonomic Design for Convenient Working

The HD binoculars with full HD OLED technology let the surgeon move up to 4 cm away from the eyepiece, so the microscopic and operative fields can both be viewed simultaneously.

The high-quality 3D screening monitor also enables surgeons to operate in an upright position. This relieves neck and back strain, prevents fatigue, and thus allows surgeons to focus their full attention on the operation and the patient.


Easy, Weightless and Precise Movement

The ARRISCOPE 6-axis stand is vibration-cushioned, moves easily, stabilizes immediately after positioning and features an optimized transient response. The state- of-the-art, pneumatic-driven mechanism is perfectly balanced, enabling smooth, precise movements for enhanced surgeon comfort and patient care.

Never Miss the Moment – 60 Seconds Pre-Recording

Whenever you decide to record the current situation, the system is able to give you up to 60 seconds of footage from before the moment you started recording. This function is enabled by a circular buffer with large memory capabilities.

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